Ankasim Elektrik continues to be the solution partner of its customers with the motto “always with you from past to present” with sacrificing its quality.

Ankasim Elektrik, which has over 40 years of knowledge and experience, combines it with Siemens Electrosystem Partnership and Siemens Sivacon Technology Partnership, manufactures low voltage panel systems, medium voltage switchgear systems, compact transformer substations and supplies all kinds of materials needed for the use of electrical energy in order to render services its customers.

Ankasim Elektrik, which its customers have trusted for years with its engineering success in industrial and technological projects both at home and abroad, offers the products of the future to the industry based on the philosophy of "high quality-optimum cost".

With its technically qualified and academically superior employees, Ankasim Elektrik continues to be the solution partner of its customers by adopting the motto "always with you from past to present" without compromising quality.


While Ankasim Elektrik manufactures low voltage electrical panel systems up to 7000A together with Siemens's Sivacon S8, Sivacon S4, Alpha Universal series and its own Type Tested and TSE approved brand named Ankasim Powercube, it manufactures metal-enclosed modular switchgears named AMH Series and compact substations in the field of medium voltage energy systems.


Together with the dealership and partnership cooperations with the leading companies in their fields, Ankasim Elektrik supplies most electrical materials to its customers with its strong capital structure, sufficient stock, wide product range, convenient delivery-payment terms and after-sales services.

Control Units, Switches, Pilot Lights

Industrial Plugs and Sockets